Five Ways to Get a Handle on Post-Holiday Stress

If the post-holiday blues are getting you down…
Be kind to yourself

Sharpening the axe is as important as using it! Putting ourselves and our basic needs first is a lesson all of us can learn. During the holidays we are often doing for others and providing for others. After the holidays, get back into a healthy routine for you and realize that your health, both emotional and physical, is paramount. Schedule a massage for yourself. Get adjusted by your chiropractor. Absolutely be sure to carve the time out of your busy schedule to take care of yourself. You will do better and feel better in life!

If you’ve overindulged…
Take a probiotic

Probiotics are the unsung hero of the digestive system. They can prevent the explosion of harmful bacteria that sometimes happens after indulging in sweets over the holidays. Just imagine if the gut were a parking lot and the bad bacteria were trying to find a place to park and set up shop if all the parking spots were taken with the good bacteria found in probiotics, then the bad guys would have to move on to be eliminated by your body’s immune system. Probiotics are a good idea before or after you have been sick and if you are stressed. It is especially important to have these good bacteria on your side helping out with your digestive system.

I ran across this guide for choosing the best probiotics for your health.

If work-related stress is terrifying you…
Prevention is better than cure

If you have lived in corporate America for any time you know that vacation is often a time that work piles up on your desk while you are away. The holidays are no different! If you know that projects and deadlines will still continue and need to be met after the holidays then plan for it! A good understanding of your work flow and some careful planning can minimize the work that piles up waiting for your signature or approval. Make sure someone else is up to speed on projects and deadlines and then delegate.

Here’s some thoughts on how to delegate properly.

Detonate or diffuse the inbox explosion

If the prospect of looking at your emails upon your return fills you with the type of horror best reserved for a scary movie … don’t worry! There are options available to help head off the stress. Plan for a cover person that is up to speed to answer incoming emails or set aside a small amount (5-10 minutes a day) of time to look at emails so small fires can be put out quickly and aren’t a forest fire when you return to work after the holidays.

This article about checking email over long weekends has some additional great tips towards the end.

If New Year goal setting paralyzes you…
First things first

Get a handle on three big things you would like to change in the coming year. If you can simply figure out three big things that are worthy of your time during the coming year, then the steps to get those things done start to become apparent. Let those steps be your goals and you will be well on your way to getting the things out of life that will fulfill you in whatever part that needs attention.

I found this article to be particularly helpful and hope you will too.


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